Bike on down to
I  town
Chicago Motorcycle Show & Parts
Expo Feb 2011
In the control tower of the DRAG-N-CHALLENGE Mobile
Dragstrip            at  the Mississippi River Motorcycle Rally 2005
On stage with the Big Schwag during the
Scooter Girl Contest @ the 2009
Mississippi River Motorcycle Rally
Supercycle Show Chicago '06 on the
Iron Horse Bike & Music Festival
Sponsored Stage
RB Stone
Geneva Thunder Roads
3-6-2011 Cedar Rapids, IA
Parts Girl Promotions @ Hawkeye Downs
National Motorcycle Museum Anamosa, IA
Segal                      J&P Open
Fine Art                 House2011
J & P Open House Artist
Segal Fine Art
"PIPES" w/Frank Fritz at
2011 Torquefest in
Maquoketa, IA
Pix & Flix